At some point in the past I read Sunshine. And I loved it. I don’t remember when I read it, I didn’t review it on the blog or if I did it got lost in one of my moves along the way. I think it was the first time I remember reading Robin McKinley ((although […]

The Lost City of Z [based on the book]

[imdb_movie_detail title=”The Lost City of Z” detail=”plot”] Sometimes when you describe a film or a book as “interesting” you really mean that you didn’t like it but don’t really want to say that. In this case that is not what I mean at all when I say that The Lost City of Z is a […]


[imdb_movie_detail title=”Deadpool” detail=”plot”] When Deadpool first came out I saw the trailer and thought, nope, not for me. But then I head good things about it, and I thought the Deadpool scene accompanying Logan was vaguely amusing. So I figured that maybe I’d give it a try. I should have trusted that first instinct. It […]

The Stars are Legion

Somewhere on the outer rim of the universe, a mass of decaying world-ships known as the Legion is traveling in the seams between the stars. For generations, a war for control of the Legion has been waged, with no clear resolution. As worlds continue to die, a desperate plan is put into motion. (from Goodreads) […]

Kong : Skull Island

[imdb_movie_detail title=”Kong: Skull Island” detail=”plot”] If you want a monster movie with plenty of action, then Kong: Skull Island delivers the goods. It is a fun, fast paced, action film. It kept me entertained, lots of explosions and monsters battling monsters. But if you are looking for anything more than that you’d best look elsewhere. […]

King Kong

Rewatched 19th March 2017 – Originally watched December 2005 [imdb_movie_detail title=”King Kong” detail=”plot”] So before going to see the new King Kong film I figured I may as well take a look at the Peter Jackson version. I remember enjoying it, but don’t think I’ve rewatched it in quite a while. And I still really […]

The Hooded Man

aka Richard Carpenter’s Robin of Sherwood : The Hooded Man. This is the novelization of the start of season 3 of that wonderful 80s tv show, Robin of Sherwood. I loved that show, so I am unable to review this book objectively. Anything that brings me back to that world is only a good thing […]

March Mount TBR

Bible, Jake – Stone Cold Bastards, added because of the author’s big idea piece on Scalzi’s blog ““Old school, crack military team of gargoyles holds a Sanctuary against a Demon Siege“ Vickers, Roy – The Department of Dead Ends, rec’d by Tip the Wink – Once started I couldn’t put it down. These stories are […]

The truth about stories

From what I remember I bought this book a few years ago because of Aarti’s A More Diverse Universe reading challenge. I didn’t get around to reading it then, but for some reason it popped out at me when I went to shelve a different book. So I picked it up and started reading. It […]


[imdb_movie_detail title=”Moonlight” detail=”plot”] The one word that comes to mind whenever I think about Moonlight is isolation. If I had to add another it would be sadness. Those aren’t very encouraging words. And if someone told me to go see a film, it is all about isolation and sadness I’m not sure I would be […]