TBR – January 2017

So far in 2017 I’ve added 4 books to my TBR pile :

  • Dallaire, Roméo – Waiting For First Light: My Ongoing Battle with PTSD – rec’d by Maclean’s Review (via a Metafilter comment)
  • Lowachee, Karen – Warchild rec’d by Courtney Schafer – Lady Business Warchild is dark, intensely character-focused military SF that examines the psychological effects of war and abuse. Definitely not light reading, but not unremittingly brutal; embers of hope and kindness shine amid the darkness. Lowachee handles difficult material in a way that is unflinching but not gratuitous, and makes both protagonist and story compelling.
  • Klages, Ellen – Passing strange rec’d by Liz Bourke This is a gorgeous short novel. I came to it vaguely suspicious of its premises, and finished by loving it unreservedly. It’s amazing. Read it.
  • Kirstein, Rosemary – The Outskirter’s secret added because I loved the first one
  • Since I’ve started tracking my TBR pile I’ve added 122 titles to it. And read 29 leaving 93 still there.

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