At some point in the past I read Sunshine. And I loved it. I don’t remember when I read it, I didn’t review it on the blog or if I did it got lost in one of my moves along the way. I think it was the first time I remember reading Robin McKinley ((although it turned out that she was actually the author of one of my favourite books when I rediscovered The Hero and the Crown )) .

So when Renay & Ana discussed Sunshine on Fangirl Happy Hour I couldn’t resist picking it up again and enjoying a reread. ((I think it is a reread of a reread if I’m being totally honest))

And I loved it again. It’s such a great book.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again at some point, but I’m very much a character driven reader. If I love, or enjoy, or otherwise appreciate a character I’ll forgive a lot in a book, and Sunshine is very much a character focused book. It is a character study in many ways. There is a plot, and awesome intricate but subtle world-building, but mainly it is the main character, Sunshine, and how she deals with her world. And she is such a real, grounded character. I loved her.

The one thing I do remember bothering me from the previous reads, and this one, is how she never really thinks about Mel all that much when she is getting all hot and bothered by Con. I know, she has other things on her mind, but that’s a big no no in my book.

I thought her relationships with the people around her were just so believable and understandable. In short, this is a wonderful book that you should go read, and it has meant that I can never see a Robin McKinley book without thinking “ooohhh much read that”.

The one thing about the book that’s a bit hmmm, is the cover of my copy. It doesn’t really shout “pick me” when you see it on the shelf. Although I do think it has a southern gothic sort of feel to it, so maybe it fits?

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