Rogue One

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Of course I went to see this in the cinema when it was released, but at the time I never blogged about it, rewatched it over the Easter weekend and figured now was as good a time as any.

I really enjoyed it. I’m not sure that it will live up to a lot of repeated viewing but it is a damn fine piece of entertainment. I really liked the character of Jyn, she was a very believable world-weary cynical individual who doesn’t really want anything to do with the rebellion. In many ways she is a counter to Luke’s innocence in the first film. Jyn doesn’t believe in the rebellion, she just wants to get on with whatever life she has, both the rebels and the empire have taken from her. Neither offer her hope.

And then there is Cassian. Who doesn’t love Diego Luna? ever since I first saw him in Open Range ((which is an awesome awesome Western and if you haven’t seen it you need to watch it.)) I’ve thought he was great. So it is great to see him having such a prominent role in such a big film. I hope he gets loads of work off the back of it. Cassian is pretty much as war weary as Jyn. Although he is still fighting with the rebels, I don’t think he really knows why, he is doing his duty, it is what he has always done, and I’m guessing he has done a whole heap of bad things in the course of that duty. If he gives up or turns aside then all those things will be made so much worse. At least if he achieves something there might be some redemption for him.

So it is very different Star Wars film than any of the others I think. The two main characters don’t really feel as hopeful or as innocent as any of the other protagonists of the films. They show that there are no winners in war, and everybody is damaged by it, even if you can’t see visible wounds.

only of course, there are huge visible wounds, because everybody dies in the end. Which I both love and hate. I love that the film makers went there. Okay, so you could argue that they had to as none of the characters showed up in the earlier Star Wars films, and if they were such heroes they should have. But there are ways around that, they could have been recuperating from injuries, or maybe there was another fight on another front that they were involved in. If the writers had really wanted to something could have been developed. Instead we get a film that is all about hope and yet kills off all its characters. And it works so well, because they achieved their goal, they got the plans out there, and we know, because we’ve seen the other films, that they were responsible for the destruction of the Death Star. They won. But they also won on a smaller, more personal level. I think that both Jyn and Cassian found started out the film without hope. Without a real belief that the rebels could win, that things could get better. But throughout the course of the film they changed, they believed that what they were doing could actually BE the difference. And both were willing to die for that.

And then there were all the supporting characters. I loved Chirrut and Baze, although I think that both could have had more to do. And if anyone didn’t love K-2SO well, then I just don’t know what to think about that. How could you not?

I would have liked there to be more female characters, Jyn was very much the only woman on screen for most of the film. But on the other hand, plenty of diverse actors in the other roles, so that was good.

Basically Rogue One was loads of fun. It had action and adventure, heart and emotion, plus explosions and it looked great. Just what you want in a Star Wars film.

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